Here We Are

January 1, 2019. First entry.

It’s the first day of the new year, and this is a new venture for us. Not because we have astounding things to say, but because we’re just like you. We struggle, we laugh, we cry, we fight, we love, and we know that there are others like us out there. This is our way to say, “You’re not alone.”

We are a family of five. Dad, mom and three kids under the age of twelve, with the requisite golden doodle who lives inside and a cat with an identity crisis who lives outside. We face each day with prayer, love for each other and a hope that we can make our world better. We make our way with much laughter, an occasional glass of wine and a boatload of sarcasm and bad puns.

Today was atypical, being a holiday, with no set time to get up. Less of the usual chaos than a regular day. But we did have time to sit and think about the last years, the friends and families: some new, some old, some gone; and to look forward to this next year where we hope to finally get ourselves together — which is the true purpose of this blog, to make ourselves accountable. This year, we have planned to get our finances, household and fitness in check. If you have suggestions, things that you’ve tried, things that have worked for you, things that you’d like to talk about, please share and discuss.

We’re sure that we’re not alone, and that’s why we’ve started this blog. Stay tuned.

#family #fitness #faith #fun #food #friends


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