Baa baa here, and a baa baa there

Today we had the unique experience of helping with tasks on a sheep farm. We were invited to visit Hog Creek Farm, home of Darold and Jeanette Furrer. When we arrived, Rafe went out with Darold to call the sheep to the gate, while the rest of us went with Will Brumbeloe, Jeanette’s son (and Jason’s coworker) to the pen. We dried the feeding troughs and spread the feed in preparation for the stampede that was coming.

We got the chance to see the sheep up close and hold some of the lambs, a few that were born just yesterday. They were so sweet! We heard about the daily workings of the farm, and how quickly the herd of 50 had grown since May, when they bought the sheep. We learned that they’re Katahdin sheep that don’t require shearing.

The kids also got to collect fresh eggs (and keep them) so we’ll be eating high on the … um hog, tomorrow morning.

We had such a fun family outing. Thank you so much to Will Brumbeloe and to the Furrers for the invitation and the kind hospitality.


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